Fighting the Beast



Oh, AP Language and Composition,

At the start, you constantly left me in the fetal position.

Endless annotations assigned in your name, in-class essays that drove me insane, and the Toulmin model, which struck me as incredibly inane.


In the months that passed, I learned your little games- from your myriad papers that played a role in my dismal binder-organization grade to the group projects endured :)- I learned your malevolent ways.

You challenged me incredibly so;

I had no choice but to grow.

Due to several disheartening essays, I quickly saw the faults in my writing and pursued the antidote for my seemingly plagued grades.

Despite the pompous, looming shadow that you cast upon me, I discovered that the self-pity fades.

I became a hardened warrior, weekly suppressing feelings of self-doubt and inferiority.

I grew stronger with each hill and each valley. I slowly transformed into a literary samurai- even you saw the power stirring within me.

Your menace weakened as you deviously whipped out The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible, thinking that their complex natures would faze me.

Well, I enjoyed them both. So take that AP Language and Composition. Tee hee!


The poem above illustrates the adversities and victories that I have in encountered in my AP Language and Composition class. This class has been the Katherine to my Elena and the Fire Lord Ozai to my Aang (if you don’t get those references, simply put, the class has caused much affliction and extremely challenged me (a good thing)).

Some elements of the class that I really enjoyed were taking vocab quizzes and reading The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible. While reading these books, I truly learned to annotate better and thus, analyze a text more carefully. I just like the vocab quizzes because I was really good at them.

I think that for many assignments, such as group projects, we were not given sufficient time. It was possible to complete the projects, but in a rushed, half-done manner.

I hope to become a better author of timed-writes (I can never finish within the allotted time) and essays in general and continue my vocab quiz winning streak.


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