El Fin Para Ahora

Oh my goodness. I took AP English Language and Composition. I completed all assignments. I passed the class. And more surprisingly, I’m alive. I think that a round of applause and a huge party is in order 🙂 .

The school year is approaching its much anticipated end, so it seems like an appropriate time for reflection (specifically with regard to my AP Language and Composition class). At the start of the year, we were asked to come up with some skill that we hoped to improve throughout the course of the class. I wrote something down—I think I said that I hoped to improve my essay-writing skills—but in all honesty, I was just taking AP Lang because I’ve always been good at writing, and everyone was taking an AP then. Looking back, it strikes me how much this class has impacted me—my essay-writing has improved greatly, especially in terms of how I use logic; my vocabulary has expanded, so now I can sound like a pretentious jerk when I talk; I have been exposed to wonderful pieces of literature, two of which hold a special place in my heart: The Scarlet Letter and Into the Wild; and ultimately, this class gave me the chance to exchange ideas, connect, and grow closer to my classmates. I am absolutely blessed to have been able to read others’ works and observe how diverse and beautiful each person’s thinking and writing process is.

My take away from this class is this: live through your writing. Living includes interacting with other writers and exchanging ideas, not being afraid to venture into unknown territory, and actually caring about what you write. Additionally, I think that this class showed me the importance of having a good work ethic.

Thanks to all of you who were forced to read my posts and write comments—your suffering has been much appreciated 🙂 .


*cue “See You Again” by Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa (I cry every time)






One comment

  1. Karith Magnuson · May 22, 2016

    I love you take-away value, Angel. Beautifully put.


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